I guess not too intent

I have not been drawing with a period of more than one hour, and I think the speed of the resulting image I picture me less than the maximum. My closet store approximately 500 images, but I still have not reached the maximum image results therefore I will try to practice with images that require a lot of time looking at the color, lighting, and the concept that I often see on cable tv channel fashion in paris most.

River of tears

Photo on 2-1-13 at 7.01 PM #2 copy

I’m very fond of him, avian … often it makes me cry. maybe I’m whiny, maybe I’m weak but I’m always lurking to cover everything. I used to hide in my house roof top shed tears while thinking about it. sometimes he makes me happy higga not stand me crying, sometimes it makes me sad I can not bear to cry. I cry too easily, but few ever see me cry. the name was too full of avian, avian, avian, and finally tear my house to the river and wait for the time to be the ocean.